beginner tips creative destruction

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beginner tips creative destruction

Welcome back to another Creator Destruction article. So before this article begins, I want you to say thank you for all the amazing comments and positive support, having, getting all my blogs. I feel like I don’t. Thank you guys enough because you guys are really the reason I keep getting back to my blogs and start writing some more articles.

You guys are my main motivation

I really wanted to say thank you for liking all my Creative Destruction posts. And it’s a nice one. Let’s begin this article. I want you to talk about some tips and tricks about this game, which will help you get better at the game.

Now, these are some Creative Destruction tips and tricks that I have.

Come up with, from my mindset and from my experience, if you guys already know some of these trips, that’s awesome. And if you guys do have some more tips and tricks, live them down in the comment section so that other players can get better and I can get better at the game. Now let’s begin. So basically it started with guns.

There are different types of guns

You have to pick the right guns. That’s the most important to always pick weapons of higher level, though. I know right now I have a blue theme over here is the purple one, which is the Epic one. So I’ll take higher level weapon. So I, this is the chart, the polar rarity chart, which explains the rarity of weapons in this game. Make sure you pick the highest level of weapons available.

The second tip is also related to weapons

You have to pick the right weapons. For example, you might already know this, the scar and the scar weapon is actually good, but the AK 47 Adam. Favorite machine going off all the time. Shotgun is my favorite gun and then machine guns, AK 47 is my favorite because it does a lot of damage compared to scar. So remove scar have AK 47. If you have an option to choose. Next step is to arrange this weapon system. I do have to have arrangement of these weapons. So basically what I do is I carry three types of brands with me. The first time is the machine going. I also have a shotgun and a sniper that says three types of guns, no special gun, no grenades. You have to keep them your most used weapon first and accordingly, all the weapons and gear and keep the Medicaid at the last of this system. At Bay, you get used to it for that.

Whenever you had an Howie, you can just click it immediately and get you healed all. You can pick your favorite ribbon at an instant and whenever you need it. So make sure you have a proper system of weapons and make sure you have these arranged. Next is also very simple. You might already know it, but if you instantly see someone and you freak out, just don’t freak out. I just use this button. I know it’s amazing. This button is also way I’m cheating by the way, but it’s an amazing, no, I just use this weapon. If you fight, if you get into a battle and you don’t have anything, I know most of you already use it, but you have to understand that. It’s really, it helps a lot. You can also change the custom build feature in the home screen.

So you can have a proper custom building, a tap on the screen and you can instantly build the whole building and only contained four walls or five or something like that. So make sure you have a proper question bin and use it at the proper time. And the next step is to keep your head. Alright, it’s, uh, it’s the most important tape of this article?

I think I have seen that I don’t use the magic serum at all. Like I removed the box and they have a gun, but know that Sarah is very important. The serum is the most important thing. I think you have to have the magic serum box, right. And all the magic serum packs that you get on the street. So make sure it’s up to 200 so that no one can kill you.

Having 200 health points can benefit you a lot. The next step is also a useful, you have to look behind yourself using the icon. This also is very important. Whenever you’re running, you have to notice around it. Just keep looking behind and everywhere that you can, because you have the option to look. While you’re running and performing action, three 60 angle. You have to use this feature and locate yourself and look at the surroundings, use this feature to get an idea. And you can also see if there’s someone behind you. Well, sneaking object kill you. You can find it. So use this feature to get an idea of the surrounding and locate your spot enemies throughout the entire map.

Now, the next tip is very useful. Just don’t use the grenades, never use the grenades

Don’t even have it. I guess you only have grenades and nothing else. I suggest you have nothing. Instead of grenades, always drop at the right location. Don’t drop it at. And vines are highly populated areas. I don’t look into action.

All right. I’ve seen this. I’ve also wanted to have some fun and go to add in lines and I ended up dying almost immediately. Oh like five seconds later. So go to less populated areas first, have a proper loop and then go to . The next step is also very crucial. You have to build springboard springboard.

This thing is legit. It’s awesome

You can visit anytime you want. You just need the Teddy material. You can build spring where anytime you want, you have to have a springboard don’t fill any of these and only build springboard. Springboard is very amazing. It’s useful. Also keep upgrading your wallets. If you’ve had an option to have graded, upgraded to level three, which gives you the blue walls, I think, which is pretty good. I like you need to upgrade the walls. I know it takes up lots of materials, but I think it’s very useful. You have to upgrade your volume. And one more thing I want you to talk about auto shoes is that I’ve been getting a lot of that. Comments saying that you use auto shoes and whatever I use it, because there are some people that use it to take advantage of it and they can literally one shot you with a shotgun using that feature. So what’s the point of not use it because there are people using it. I like they’re taking advantage of it. And exploiting it to kill someone. So what’s the point of me dying again. And again, if I can use it, they can use it. I’ll have to use it because they have a fair advantage over me. If I don’t use it.

And one more thing

If you guys want to get better at the game, you just have to play. This is my favorite tip of all time or for any game, just keep playing it. And I know getting better at the game is just a stupid idea. I mean, you play games to have fun and to enjoy, so to get better at the game, that’s just not fun. So basically what I’m trying to say is just have fun by playing the game. Try to get better at the game on next year, have a proper reason. Like if you want to improve genuinely at the game, then you might not. Try these steps because you play games for fun. And if you are trying to get better at the game, that’s part of the fun, but don’t, don’t stress yourself in order to improve like other people do at fortnight.

I’ve seen people like trying so hard to get better at again. That’s the dope. So that’s it for today. Thank you guys for reading this article. Make sure you were like, if you guys did enjoy and learn something from this post, and if you guys have some essential tips for Creative Destruction, make sure live them down in the comments.

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