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creative destruction hack

Hi. In today’s article, I’ll describe a way to get free diamonds and gold in Creative Destruction. Diamonds and gold in CD are pretty slow to get, and buying them is not cheap. There’s really three currencies in Creative Destruction. They are GoldCoins, StarCoins and Diamonds. The Diamonds are the one we care about the most, as we can buy guns and upgrades, among other things, with them.

How to get diamonds in Creative Destruction?

Diamonds are gained by winning battles, but the pace is painfully slow. If you want to get a lot of diamonds quick, you have to buy them in the store. For example, 300 diamonds cost around $50. But there’s a solution – you can go around the system and use a Creative Destruction hack. But you have to know which ones work – and there’s a lot of them. Using a Creative Destruction hack app, you have to remember that your account might be banned. What to do to avoid it? First and foremost, use reliable applications or generators. I decided to test the available applications that hack Creative Destruction and tell you which ones actually give you coins and diamonds without getting banned. Let’s hope that my report will be useful and that you will avoid unreliable or virus infested applications.

Creative Destruction hacks test

At the start, I would like to point out that I am not recommending for anyone to use those sorts of applications. You have the most fun when playing without using Creative Destruction hack apks. I prefer to spend more time playing than to take a shortcut. I performed the test for people who, despite all that, still prefer shortcuts but don’t want to face things like getting banned or getting viruses on their device. So which Creative Destruction hack diamond and coins applications work, and which do not?

The first application that’s worthy of a mention is the Creative Destruction Generator from this website. It’s an app created by a famous programmer duo, Roger&Arthur. You can find many hacks, bots, and mods for popular games such as COC, GTA, Roblox and more created by them on the web. A huge pro of this app is the fact you do not have to download it. You can use it completely online. Adding diamonds and coins to my account took only a few minutes. The account has not been banned and still works fine.

After spending a while testing, I began doubting I will find any more Creative Destruction hack PC or mobile apps that would work. Finally, I found an app worthy of recommendation on this site. When you visit the site, you’ll see a text saying ‘Download Creative Destruction Hack’, but downloading isn’t necessary. I didn’t use the Creative Destruction hack download, and instead opted for the online version. I got both diamonds (10,000) and coins (100,000). You can choose much more, but I didn’t want to risk it (and I advise moderation to you too). In the creative destruction hack manual it says to reset the device after you’re done. I didn’t do it. Coins and diamonds appeared on my account after ~10 minutes. Maybe if you reset the device, you’ll get coins and diamonds faster. Best check for yourself.

For android users, I found a special application called Creative Destruction Hack Android. I don’t know if it’s better (or safer?) from the others, but if you play Creative Destruction on an android device, I recommend choosing this app (link).

That’s all for today, I think. I didn’t find any other working applications that would actually add coins and diamonds to your Creative Destruction account (I tested over 20 various apps). If you want to look for other apps (for this game and other games too), I have a few tips for you.

  1. Only use websites with a safe SSL certificate.
  2. Never give the site your account password (it’s not necessary for those types of apps, and it can result in your account getting stolen).
  3. Do not add too many items at once. The safe strategy is to add items in smaller increments several times, with time intervals between them.

That’s all. Thanks for reading to the end.

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