become a pro player in creative destruction

How to become a pro player

become a pro player in creative destruction

Hey, do you want to stop being a button Creative Destruction? Do you want to learn how to hit your shots more? Nope. No, no. Your dirt, your do butter. Do you want to learn how to build faster? Stop being a buck and wanting to stop raging like this kid. Well then read these five tips of have to be barren TD.

Number one for up 90 flora, nineties gives you high ground faster because you don’t have to put the extra wall. It gives you an advantage to come back on your opponent if they have high ground.

And it’s a very simple, easy thing to do

This is how you do before at 90. It’s very simple. You rotate your screen. Put the floor down, put the ramp onto your screen with the floor down, put the ramp. It’s very simple. Keep on doing this in a straight row and they’ll look clean and you will get high gun fast. This is how it looks in. Slow motion.

Number two before nineties. Spam is a great way for your opponent. Cannot shoot at you because you go very fast at it. Like I’m doing right here. I did 10 in a row. It’s very good for beginning. It’s very good. And you and people will look at you like you’re cool when you do it. And it’s a way for people not to shoot you fast and the fast way to get high hydro.

So number three sensitivity for you

Want sensitivity? You want this open site button on smart med rec on. Amos just on, not on the fire out of first bad. I don’t think anybody wants it only for beginners. If you are also want to have released a fire for both, because it’s the best one and customize, whatever thing is compatible good for your graphics. Use mode one. It’s the best mode for shooting. In my opinion. It’s really good. And use Mel two mode three and mode one suck. I don’t know why I didn’t have in the game. So most people use mode two because it’s the best one in three D touch. If you’re on an iPhone, all right. Use mode two and three touch. If you’re on iPhone or whatever, right. Those are the best modes and then. For sensitivity, make one high and make one low. Like don’t make every single thing. High, high, like make some low and hard. Alright.

Tip for rain shooting

Go to training, press range, and then choose the gun that you’re gonna practice with. Right. Choose it. Choose the movement speed. And the distance for pump is usually 10 to 20 meters. And moving speed, you can choose how fast the person goes. Okay. Choose that. Get in the game load and wait for it to load.

And then now practice, but turn off Amos system practice because this will help you get really better. Because with a, without a mrs. You do good. And then with Amos’s put them together. Yeah. And will be godly. So practice this with drip pump. Um, yeah. That’s this is how you practice with it and change it around with different guns.

Use the scar, whatever, get your aim. Very good. Okay. And. Get your get, get it to the best. Keep our practice every day, about five to 10 minutes in this, and you will improve my last tip. I’m not showing anything play. I’m just going to say, keep on practicing every day until you become goaded. These five strategies will help you when it comes to pubs.

Anything, keep on practicing. And you will improve and yeah, please.

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