creative destruction game review

My first adventure with this game

creative destruction game review

Hello everybody. And welcome to review on the game Creative destruction. This game was brought to my attention by a friend and after playing it for a little bit and kind of getting a feel for it. I decided I want to try to give, uh, my thoughts and opinion on this game. Before we get into the actual game info and the content of the game, I’d like to talk about the company.

So Titan studios responsible for creating Creative Destruction and was founded in June of 2008 and was a subsidiary of yang pay until they dissolved away in 2011. Apparently people that have worked at Titan studios have worked for places like Epic Games, Ubisoft, Wizard, and Lionhead Studios. Anyway games that have been made in the past by tight, the studios have been fat princess.

It was for the PS 3 and PSP in 2009

And up until now, they haven’t created any other games, except for, I think, an addition to fat princess in 2010. So about career destruction. I can’t find much about tightened studios making this game. However, the Wiki page mentions Epic Games a lot and is apparently a parent organization to Titan Studios.

Now let’s actually get into the game info and the content of this game

So just by looking at the menu, you can already tell this is a free mobile game. So here we have the item shop, they call it the mall. There’s so many different cosmetic items here, and because you have three different currencies in the game, everything’s listed differently and it’s really confusing and hard to navigate.

So. Uh, yeah, here, he could see you have glasses, you know, shirts, shoes, everything. That’s just like it’s, it’s overwhelming. So here you also have diamonds. The diamonds are something you can only buy, but they’re also used to buy the weekly pass a monthly pass. You also have weapon skins, some skins in the game, uh, can only.

Be used for a certain amount of time. So this one only has three days left on it. So I can only use it for three days before it just disappears. And I have to get a new one. So up there where it says, look, rating next to the gun, that the higher, that number is the higher you get placed on of this little pedestal.

At the beginning of every round, there’s also a like a fashion rating

So it’s very like. Fashion driven and very cosmetically driven. Here’s the different game modes. We got solo duel squad, fire team, fire teams disabled right now because of probably some like not an officer route says starts in the 17 blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

So the classic mode is just, and basically every other battery out this game does have a building element to it. But now let’s get into the actual game info. So you’re saying fashion, pedestal I was talking about. So you see it like shows all the people, then it goes through the people on the bottom. These people took the lowest, uh, fashion score and then they have the hottest and they’re the fashion master.

Those people kind of have like more and then this person is the trendsetter has like the most fashion score, I guess. And it’s just, it’s really weird. It’s really weird. All right. So here we go. Actually going into a game. So you started out in this little, like weird flying thing. Uh, your mouse moves really weird in here. It moves faster up and down than it does left her. Right. So it’s, it’s kinda weird. Also placing, uh, checkpoints is really weird, um, to get rid of them.

You have to like click on them again, but it doesn’t always work. It was really weird. So if you see over on the side, it reminds me of pub G, where they tell you how fast you’re falling, and then at what point will deploy your parachute. Uh, and then you’ll associates a space and it has the little auto fly thing. So definitely for something like a mobile game, which is what this primarily is probably played on. Where you’d tap and I just didn’t get rid of it whenever they port it over to PC. And we still, the flying is really annoying. You could see when her fry move left her, right. My character slows down a whole bunch.

So the flying is really clunky and not really good

Picking up a gun, you have to be like right over it. Um, to actually pick it up. I don’t know what these things are. Uh, this brick module, you can collect them. I don’t know what they do. You can see over there. My compass, it has like a gun sign. And then have some foot, and then there it is a gun that’s letting me know there’s someone nearby. So that’s what it looks like. If we keep kill someone, it is. The like the particle effects really weird and it shows the damage indicators, but I feel like some of these guns are like super overpowered and then some of them are super underpowered and it’s the guns are actually pretty imbalanced. So you have this little tool here you can use to destroy buildings.

So that gave me some resources up there underneath my health. That’s the risk. That’s the resource count I have right now it’s set. Uh, See after destroy this it’s at 270. So you only have one resource that you collect either like a wood brick and metal, like in Fortnite, I’m going to be comparing this to Fortnite by the way, just because it has similar concepts. African about a thousand materials. I’ll show this later, you you’re up your walls upgrade. Sorry. Now there’ll be a gray color. Then there’ll be a blue color than Alica. Purple pink color. Here’s one of those bare things. Again, I don’t really know what it’s for. So the weapons have an auto pickup. You can actually. Turn it off. And I thought that I did turn it off, but like, I don’t know, it didn’t do anything. And there was just a how you can drop things and like ammo. There’s some bullets being shot at me. I looked back. I’m going to shoot him, but look about, okay. See, my reticle is the middle and then see where the thing is supposed to be the, like where the bloom is supposed to go and how there isn’t any bloom.

Yeah, because the game doesn’t have bloom on certain guns, some guns I’m pretty sure do have bloom the bullets randomly go to her directions. But I make this mistake later in the game where I dropped the weapon I’m using here and here’s some building cause I switch out this gun for a different gun that isn’t as good. So the building’s also really clunky and, uh, like weird to use and it’s, it’s pretty bad actually. I go to push this guy, you know, just ramping up, ramping up all that dude to do, to do, and I get above him and he actually went back a little. So look at that. Look, my article’s just right on him and there’s no bloom and it just destroys himself.

You gotta like, just think about how. Overpowered that is, you know, there isn’t any bloom but river, so you can’t edit any of the walls. Like it couldn’t fortnight. You have to just break through them. I started getting shot at here.

I go to pick up some of these things succeed

I just get absolutely lasered by the sky, some at 95 health and he just pops up right in the Hill about Southwest. Boom hits me, just gives me down to 33. So I panicked build a little bit and go underneath my ramp. I meant to go over it. Use the med kit. Here’s the med kit. He’ll see up all the way. Boom, instant heal. So I see him out there. I pull up my cross belt. Let me just, let me just see, we just take a minute about that shot right there. Boom, 75. Anyway, I try to hit him a little bit more. And here you get my skull flap and shoot, boom, boom, boom, boom. And you know, this guy doesn’t have, like, it didn’t seem like he had new shield. You can’t tell if people have shield and shield was hard to find, right? It’s like these little orange crystals that you find to, uh, give you some more shield to can’t tell if anyone have has any.

You can’t really tell what, what, how much health they have left, unless you add up all the damage that you did, but. About how, like, you kind of like walk around and like the aiming and all that, it feels really clunky and hard to use. So here’s a person here had him with the shotgun, hit him with the shotgun again. Boom. They’re dead. So it’s, it’s pretty easy. A lot of people who play this game are like really bad. Uh, they might be actually bots that the game puts in to, uh, so that it, cause there are maybe aren’t enough players. Uh, to fill up the match, but, or, or maybe they’re just really bad or they’re playing on mobile and they just don’t have any aim assist or something. I don’t know. So you can see, I have about 900 now I have a thousand channels, so you can see my walls are gray. And after I reached a thousand, for some reason, it actually didn’t upgrade my walls, but it will really soon here,

I was going to affect a few more resources

There. So that little effect that just went over my character, see the walls are gray there, but then if I placed on a wall now, boom, it’s blue. It has a thousand health instead of, instead of 800, I think. Yeah. And these have, Oh, they have 100. The other ones have started at a hundred. Yeah. Anyway, so I’m pretty sure whenever you jump in this game, you can’t control yourself. So if you jump forward, you can’t slow yourself down and like move back. You keep living in that direction, which makes sense, you know? But it is, it just kind of adds to that clunkiness of the game. You can see up on my mini map. There’s that like the zone, I guess, uh, it moves at a fairly quick speed. I think you like, you know, of course it’s certain points. I’m pretty sure you can not run it.

Man, like I got a good head on me there. But, um, it does no damage. I think they updated it. So now it does. At the time I was playing though it did basically no damage and it also took away shield before it took away health. You could have, you know, a lot, you could live a lot longer inside the storm. This guy’s coming up to push me. I turned him with the shotgun. I miss a few times. So see, the shotgun definitely has bloom on it. Uh, yes, I think it also could just have some sort of like specific spray pattern, but I think it’s just random. So the storm starts to move in and I got to start moving, but I want to kill this guy because I know the storm won’t do much.

Was right inside this house. Boom, boom, boom.

I just picked up some shield. You can see it’s above my health burnout, and I’m pretty sure you also can’t hold shield unless you get like the certain like special box that picks up some shield for you. I’ve got a pretty far way to walk here and you could see just the storm doing so little damage. You may have noticed this little hammer guy floating next to me. I probably should have mentioned that earlier, but he is there and like the tutorial and for some reason he does never goes away. When you actually played the game. My friend says he likes them. He thinks just little cute little hammers floating about, but I don’t know, just like it adds to the, to the screen. And there’s a little bit. It just kind of adds that kind of weird looking look to it has no purpose. It has no purpose, but it was, he could see, could walk up pretty vertical like terrain. Uh, and by the way, if you, uh, if you go below a thousand materials, your walls do not go back to like gray color. They still, uh, are what, whatever upgrade they were whenever you got up to a thousand materials. And if you get up to 2000 materials, then it. Upgrades the walls again. I lost a spot, all my shield running through that because see, I had a pretty far away to walk and, uh, still didn’t even like, I still have some, some shield leftover. So this little, a one by one here as he has like purple, purple walls. That’s cause that person’s gotten. 2000 materials. So that upgraded to that, to that color. And I’m not sure what the limit is. I don’t know if it just like keeps going up the, you know, if you get like 4,000, do you have like some weird color or something? I was actually kind of surprise. You could walk inside of these containers. I just kind of thought maybe they would have made the hit boxes a little bit. I don’t know worse, but I don’t know. I was a little surprised by that. Walk out here and I see this guy, I try to hide behind this tree. You want to see him right there? Boom, hit him and hit him one more time. So I’ve had him for, you know, 62 and he just lasers me.

The gun that he has does a lot more damage

And, um, there actually is I think a certain gun in this game that. Has like a certain kind of like Amos cyst that helps you aim onto your enemies, which you know, is overpowered. And, um, the gun right next to my bow here again, it looks like the ump. If I had kept the other one, that was like a, uh, Oh man. I don’t even remember what kind of gun it was, but if I kept it, I think I probably could have lived just cause it had way better accuracy. I think I’m not sure. We’ll see here. I tried to shoot him with the shotgun. I’ve got a hundred health. He could have also met it up in that time. There I am with this gun again. I’m shredding him. I’m like, dude, dude, dude, I’m shredding them. He must be low. Cause I’m also low. I’m like, you know, he’s got to have, he’s had to have sold. It will help. It’s like, come on, try to shoot them a little bit more. And now he kills me. Then you go on to spectate, the guy who kills you, you could see his hot bar. Yeah, 86 self. And then you just, you met it up to a hundred, that shows, this kind of shows like the everything you did in that game. You can see how far I walked. The map is huge, by the way, the map is huge. It is way too big for, for this game. Of course in PUBG they have a very large map as well. But it fits more and something like imagine a fortnight at a map that was really big. Like PUBG it wouldn’t make as much sense because you can build the same thing in this game you could build. So you can collect a whole bunch of different rewards. Do you see I’m collecting here, which pop up, like every game that you play, you have these different rewards.

You can collect a, you have login rewards every day, log in, you get something. I also just wanted to mention this dance they have in the game that you can use in game. And just how bad the animations are. I think at the end, the guy tries to snap, but it just looks so clunky and deal. See that’s how the rest of the game feels too. So, yeah, in short, this game still needs to be worked on the building is clunky. The movement is clunky. The guns are imbalanced. The main menu is crowded. There’s too new microtransactions, but. That’s the end of this article. Thanks for watching all this to the end and con what you think I could do better.

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