creative destruction some tips and tricks

Some Game Tips and Tricks

creative destruction some tips and tricks

In this article, I’m going to show you guys the best Creative Destruction tips and tricks that you need to know. I’m a better player at Creative Destruction. There’s about seven tips in there that are very key, and I’m just going to cut right into it.

First off, we’re going to start with the best quick build

In my opinion, quick builds are all about gaining height as quick as you can. And as you can see, this is my quick boom consists of two boards and two ramps. A wall down and around, but the ramp against it, like you see, you put a wall above the other wall, like, so, and then you put another ramp and it should look kind of like a triangle. If you go like, you know what I mean? Like, it’s kind of like a diamond shape and this is amazing. Trust me.

Next step. I’m going to show you guys an example, as you can vote in building, it would fall to God. Now it used to build well, what does quick build does, as you can see, that allows you to get high ground and stream it. It gives you time to think escape. As you can see, there’s rockets coming in, I’ve realized I need to get out of there that quick build allowed me to just gain.

A lot of height really quickly keep myself safe and just get out. The situation is another example as well. I’m playing squads. There’s two guys on me, quick building up. Boom. As you can see, I’m I’m way at the top. Now it gives me time to like analyze the situation, figure out what’s going on. It allows me to have the high ground over my opponent every single time it’s in my opponent’s trying econ, econ get above me on get above me or I’ve got a high ground. I finished boss. Yep. Pretty easy

Next, talk about upgrading your build level

Upgrading a building level is extremely important because not only does it increase your level, but as you can see, it allows you to do another quick build increases your quick build by one. Now you can see I’m level four. Now my quick loads going up again, that is how you get frequent goods have to be on level four. Build level level to build level gives you one extra quick build and level four. You get a third one that’s up next shooting while spring boarding. This is one of the best tips I can give you guys, as you can see, Oh, I’ve got two guys up here. This is actually the same game for the last time I was, I go up, I shoot a rocket. I pop this guy once for the AK as well. What is does, is it keeps the pressure on them? No, they can’t shoot me when I’m spring boarding. And what I basically did is I forced him to get off of that roof, jumped down because of my rocket. And now it’s my high ground. Know what I mean?

Next tip is finding chests and breaking teddies

As you can see in the compass on opt is a gold is gold light indicates where a chest is. And it’s very important for you guys to know where the chest is. Cause you guys want to loot as quickly as possible as you can see, as I move to the left, yellow light appears again. I look into the direction of dials. I know, but the chest is in the house somewhere next, as you can see. It takes about three seconds to open a Teddy. If you break it flying two, three, four, just easily. Boom. Garden they’ll break Teddy’s don’t open them. It’s much quicker as you can see, I’m following the yellow light. I know it must be on the roof because it’s nowhere else in the building. And then I shoot the chest. I was like, she had another tip. I can leave. You guys. Shoot. Chest is much easier and quicker to open up.

Next tip is jumping sniped into the peaking

This is one of my favorite tips. As you can see. I see one guy, there’s a guy on my right. I blocked him. They can’t get me. I snap this guy now, as you can see this, guy’s got high gun on me. Yeah, watch, I don’t show myself. I just jumped. I jumped full headshot. You did. He had no chance of getting a shot at me. No chance. Let me show you guys another example in the same game nothing’s later on, guys are shooting at me. I don’t know how that snake missed. It’s building myself some cover. I check out where he is. I see him peeking. You had no chance of getting me. That is one of the best tips I can give as is another example. Actually knock, knock down his teammate and I’m putting some pressure on. And now as you can see, what’s this guy’s bullets. His bullets are flying over my head every time his, but he’s accurate with his shots. If I was peaking out, I got pinged. Boom, he’s done. If I peaked, he would have 100 and shot me. So that’s a good way to protect yourself.

Next tip, switch guns to snipe faster.

This is actually one I haven’t gotten used to get. As you can see my switches, a little, little inconsistent, but in this clip, you’re about to see right now. You’d see me do it perfectly. It’s sky Hill and right. I just watched this switch. There’s no delay. See that switch. I mean, switch again. It’s really quick. Next step called propeller for fostering ability. You won’t take any damage. So as you can see our jump off Coke propels, the good way to get down mountains quick and also to. Chase people, as you can see, I see this two guys shooting in front of me. I want to get to them really quick. Cause I want both the kills. I cooked poetry that if I didn’t kick this tree, I would have continued going forward. But yeah, unfortunately I crashed into a tree. It slowed me down, but I got right to the fighting ASAP. This guy goes down one shot and I know there’s another guy here. Cause it was two people shooting at each other. And that’s why I like the Coke propeller. Cause it gets you right into the action. No delay, especially if you’re trying to go for high kill games, No chance.

These were my most important tips. If you guys have other tips that you guys want to share, please feel free to drop them in the comments. Maybe if I missed out on quite a lot of tips, I would just make another artice. But yeah, just let me know. I hope this article helps you guys out the support, the charter.

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